Back to basics

There is a place in The Netherlands, not too far from Maastricht where you will find peace and calm. It is a Bed and Breakfast located in an old castle, Castel Baexem, and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  There are no noises except the wind in the trees and the squeaking of the birds.

You can go there for an afternoon, stroll in the garden or just sit and enjoy the sun. You can also book a room with a charming old-fashioned touch. It’s our experience that you won’t be disappointed neither by the calm of the room neither by the homemade breads and jams in the morning.

So if you want to treat yourself with good and pure energy, Castel Baexem is a place where you should go. Good to know, owners of the castle organize every once in a while cultural events. You might want to check this before booking your room or planning your day to be sure that it won’t be too crowded.