Headspace, nice to meet you

The world of apps seems unlimited, there is an app for everything and nothing. So we asked ourselves if there was one that could help people with a burn-out and we quickly came to the name of Headspace, an application which mission is to teach you to relax and meditate. We asked Sara, a fervent adept of Headspace to tell us more about it.


“Last year, while dealing with a deep anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks, I discovered the Headspace app, recommended by my general practitioner. I remember vividly her telling me about it and how guided meditation could, in fact, help me at that particular moment.
So, a bit discouraged I confess, I went home and downloaded the app on my phone. I figured at least it wouldn’t do me any harm.

When you use it for the first time, there are a couple of really smart and simple videos explaining how guided meditation works in your brain, how it can help you and how the app itself works. So immediately, I was curious: simple, non-exoterical and non-pretentious videos with funny cartoons talking about meditation? I’m in!
Everything is made simple: you only need a pair of headphones, some quiet space and 10 minutes of your 24-hour long day. That’s it.


The first thing that I really liked was the fact that Andy (the voice behind the app) explains that meditation is not stopping your thoughts but rather learning how to let them come and allowing them their own space in your head. By trying to not feel a specific emotion, you actually create more tension which generates more distress. So, by meditating with guidance, you can actually train your brain in a new or different way of perceiving the world and reacting, for it is, in fact, a muscle that can be trained.
Basically, in a matter of just a few days, I realized that taking only 10 min a day to meditate would tremendously increment my well being, both mental and physical.

The app has a basic package that everyone has free access to so, you only need to install it on your phone. But if you want to benefit more from it, I honestly recommend you pay any of the available subscriptions (monthly, annual or lifetime) so you can access the specific packages made for your specific “problem”: from anxiety, to fear of flying, pain management, burnout, grieving, acceptance, productivity or even self-esteem, just to name a few, there’s pretty much a bit of everything for everyone, divided into 8 categories. It has 30-day long packages and single, quick, emergency meditations. (No, I’m not being endorsed to say these things.)It has really helped me in the long term and I have recommended it to lots of my friends, which are now using it daily. I use it at home, at the park or pretty much everytime I need to refocus and strengthen mentally – like when I have a panic episode or if I feel a sudden fear of flying just before departure.

Andy has become my family and headspace, my anxiolytic.


ps: wonder what Sara does when she is not meditating with Andy? Check her Instagram account or Facebook page and enjoy her fibre art!
photography: Carole Rey


The tip that we would like to share with you for this third issue is to smile. As simple as it sounds, just smile. A lot of research has been done on the subject and they all show the positive effect of smiling. Just the movement of your mouth provokes the liberation of special hormones in your brain, hormones we need so badly, the endorphins. Those little cuties make sure that your stress level goes down, that a feeling of happiness fills your body and mind.


Of course, when you had a bad night, when your children want attention and you have zero energy, when you want to be active but your body says no, you do not want to smile. You want to cry, go to bed and tell yourself how miserable you feel. It’s exactly in those moments that you should exercise the power of smiling. Consider it first as an exercise, some kind of homework. Every morning when you wake up, sit on your bed, close your eyes and smile. When you feel exhausted, take a few seconds to smile. When you go to bed, you turn off the light and smile.

At some point, you will feel the positive energy circulate inside of you and it won’t be a homework anymore but just a habit and a way of living.

Don’t give up on you, instead smile and look up.

You are wonderful.




To start this new calendar year, I would like to turn to a subject that is often taboo. Parenthood.

The moment you are told or you realise that your brain and body do not react anymore like they used to do, it’s like everything all of sudden collapses. Like if you are on top of Mount Everest, you loose your balance and start to fall and fall, until you hit the ground.

Having a family and taking care of children is challenging and demanding, so when one of the parents has a burn-out, everything becomes more challenging. In our everyday life we are surrounded by articles, photos, messages of women and men who combine career, parenthood, sport life and all this with a big smile and no sign of fatigue. Well, I don’t know you, but my reality (and the one of my friends who have children) was quite different. At the end of the day I came to the conclusion that every person experiences parenthood in its own way and  as long as there is love, there is a way.

Here some tips to help you go through your burn-out and still be present for your child(ren).

-Name it

We do believe that children, just like you and I, do not want to be fooled. Take some time to explain in your own way what is going on, how you feel and why. Keep it simple and clear. It’s important that they hear it and that they do not feel guilty about it.


Try to regularly ask someone to take care of your children. Choose a relative, a good friend, a family member, someone who has your entire trust and ask that person to take care of your baby/child(ren) for an hour, a morning, an afternoon.

Use that free time to do something you like, embrace that moment and be grateful.

-Quality versus quantity

Have some quality time with your kid(s). Make yourself completely available for them and have fun with them. It can be a walk in a park, a game, a draw, some cooking. To avoid extra exhaustion, keep it short (10/15 minutes for example). This kind of things will keep you bounded to each other. If you have difficulties to read because of your exhaustion, look at the pictures in a book, talk about it with them. Invent stories. Be free and have fun.

Darling, you are good enough

Last but not least, don’t be ashamed and don’t feel guilty. Don’t be ashamed when you ask someone to take care of your kid so you can have a bit of free time. It’s good for your kids, your friend/family member will have a blast and you’ll feel regenerate. It’s positive for everybody.

Don’t feel guilty when you do not have energy to read a story or play football with your kid, you will do it later or an other day. Explain to your kids why today you can’t and tell them how much you love them. And please, oh please, do not let anybody tell you that you are not an optimal partner/parent, that you are not the best that you can. You do your best, at your own rhythm, your own tempo and no one has the right to judge and put pressure on you.



Wish you all a peaceful and lovely year!


Special tips for partners

In media/social media when an article is dedicated to burn-out, it is either about causes, either about symptoms and sometimes few tips. But what about the invisible person? The one who is living the burn-out without having one. The partner.

It can be really challenging and also frustrating to be that person, to be the spectator of the collapsing of the one you love. So here, some few simple tips to help partners recognise when it’s the moment for them to shut up, give some space and if there are children, to take the children for a walk.

-Here is a check list.

Does your dear one keep saying “I’m tired”


Is your dear one trying to avoid a conversation with you?


Does your dear one become agitated when you turn on the radio/tv?


Does your dear one look at you pissed when you turn over and over your spoon in your coffee/tea mug?


Does your dear one look everything but enthusiast when you are making jokes?


Do the eyes of your dear one look tired? A bit red or shiny inside and half closed?


If you can answer “yes” to at least two of the questions above, it means that unfortunately, you dear one is now exhausted and can’t manage any noises/ activities/conversation. Give him/her a hug and give that person some space, it doesn’t need to be long but at least 20  minutes. Allowing him/her to rest, to be silent when you need to talk about your day or anything else is the best way to show your partner that you care and that you understand. And please, don’t ask him/her 10 times an hour how does he/she feel? Because she/he obviously feels terrible. All what that person needs is calm, space and a lot of love.

Much love to you and don’t give up, there is a day your dear one will shine again!