Art is the way

Someone said once that the only way to get out of a burn-out is Art. In Art there is no right or wrong, no good, best or better. It is.  When we look at a painting or a sculpture, we are touched, or not, we dive in it or not. If we let go our ability to analyse what we are seeing and just let us be surrounded by what our senses feel, we enter in an other dimension. Like Thomas Merton stated, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


Here some pictures of the exhibition “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by the British photographer Tim Walker in the Het Noordbrabants Museum in ‘s Hertogenbosch, Nederland. In this exhibition, Tim Walker reinterprets in his own way the famous painting The Garden of Earthly Delights made by Jheronimus Bosch between 1490 en 1510.


The least we can say about this photographs is that they do not express joy or happiness but still, just watching them and diving into Walker’s imagination is an ecstatic experience.


Installation made by Shona Heath

 So, check the cultural agenda of your city, take an hour or two and go visit an exhibition. It can be in a museum, a gallery, a theater, just keep in mind to avoid busy hours (like Saturday afternoon) and after your visit, you will feel regenerate and positive.

Enjoy and be grateful!


Oasis of Calm, Ariel’s photography

For this second issue of our magazine, we are incredibly honoured and grateful to feature the work of Israel based nature photographer Ariel. We do believe that nature has the extraordinary power to heal and to make us feel grounded again. If you live in a city and you can’t travel, here some outstanding landscape photographs. May they give you peace and inner joy. Cherry on the cake, here some words from Ariel to our beloved readers.

“Hi all,
With not so many words, here is a selction of images from Israel, my place of birth and home, and from other places around the world. This is my way to escape, those are my views to take between the daily routine. 
Thank you Carole and thank you all.”









You can see more of Ariel’s work on his Instagram account where he also posts beautiful floral photographs. Enjoy and show Ariel some love!


Back to basics

There is a place in The Netherlands, not too far from Maastricht where you will find peace and calm. It is a Bed and Breakfast located in an old castle, Castel Baexem, and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  There are no noises except the wind in the trees and the squeaking of the birds.

You can go there for an afternoon, stroll in the garden or just sit and enjoy the sun. You can also book a room with a charming old-fashioned touch. It’s our experience that you won’t be disappointed neither by the calm of the room neither by the homemade breads and jams in the morning.

So if you want to treat yourself with good and pure energy, Castel Baexem is a place where you should go. Good to know, owners of the castle organize every once in a while cultural events. You might want to check this before booking your room or planning your day to be sure that it won’t be too crowded.