Villa Augustus

When you feel empty and down, the chance that you want to stay inside is very high. For this reason, people who are going through a burnout tend to slowly but surely isolate themselves. Somehow that solitude is necessary to find inner peace and not be annoyed by noises and too much stimulation.

Nevertheless, going out, looking at the sky, drinking a delicate beverage can help. In this issue we would like to introduce you to a place that will recharge your batteries and fulfil your memory with beautiful colours, shapes, smells and tastes. Villa Augustus, in Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


Villa Augustus, a delicious mix of café/restaurant/hotel/boutique, is a place that has a warm spot in our heart. It’s a place where you can go alone, with friends and/or family and where beauty surrounds you everywhere. From the moment you open the big wooden door, you enter in a sort of wonderland where everything that is served and sold has had a special attention.

Let’s have a quick tour together. First, let’s admire the beautiful old water-tower that serves now as hotel and has splendid reception rooms.

Then, the café/restaurant where you can enjoy products cultivated in the garden that surrounds the place.

In the little boutique, you will find lots of (unexpected) treasures. Bread, cheese-cake are the classic ones but you can also buy fresh vegetables from the garden, honey and not to mention botanical books and crockery.

Last but not least, the magnificent garden where you can wander for hours without being disturbed. Every season has its own charm and it is overwhelming to notice the change throughout the year.

We hope you enjoyed the tour and we would love to meet you there one of these days!

Photography Carole Rey

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