A morning at the seaside

Everybody has a souvenir related to the seaside. Childhood memory of days at the beach, campfire with friends, a lonely walk barefoot and in the background the rhythmic sound of the waves, the immense power of the sea.


On a Tuesday morning I went to Scheveningen, a seaside place near The Hague, I was tired, had worries in my mind and it was cold and windy. My shoes were dirty within a few minutes, my hands frozen and my hair all over the place. But then I looked at the sea, I really looked at it and at some point it happened. I abandoned myself to that immense horizon. The more the sea took my attention the more I felt lighter and warmer. I let my burden behind me and started to photograph, the view of those lines and shapes made me smile. Inside, outside. I felt that immense power of joy deep down inside of me, indestructible joy.


Let’s be clear, there were bumps on my seaside road, it was really cold, there were people who talked very loud, garbage collectors were doing their job (which means a lot of noises). It was not picture perfect/dreamland but what I did of it was great. I focused on the moment, I decided to choose what was worth it and felt so incredibly grateful, at some point only the good appears and is visible/audible. The sea healed me that day and it can heal you too.

Here is my message, look up and embrace what you se(a)e.


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