Unwired, Jacqueline Hassink

In the Nederlands fotomuseum in Rotterdam you can visit the last exhibition of Jacqueline Hassink, Unwired.

What is “Unwired” and why is it “burn-out approved” you might wonder.

Well, Jacqueline Hassink has documented with her camera different places on earth where there are no phone and wifi connection. Those places are nature at its best, no buildings, no roads, no noises, no digital activity. She brings the viewer in what has been called “What Spots”, a forest in Yakushima, Japan, mountains in Iceland but also somewhere in the Artic Ocean. Beside the exhibition a map “The White Spots World Map” and  an app have been made where all those spots are registered.

The experience of visiting “Unwired” is very relaxing. You are asked to leave your phone and shoes at the entrance (don’t worry they are in a safe place) and you wander in this dark quiet room where only photos are lightened. The more you look, the more you feel the calm coming inside of you. Wonderful.

You can visit the exhibition until May 6th. Enjoy!


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