Look again

In a city like Rotterdam that counts more or less 624k residents, that has tram rails that cross the town and a lot of traffic, it is not easy to find peace and calm. Nevertheless, there is a beautiful place where you can walk and where you won’t be disturbed by klaxons or crowd. That place is the “Museum park”, it is a green oasis between the majors museums of the town. We went there for a walk on a fresh Monday morning of February and it was so calm that we could hear birds singing and ducks taking a plunge in the muddle. The more we walked the more we felt relaxed and the more we paid attention to our surroundings. It takes some time to let go of stress, busy mind and to plunge into the moment. But when it happens and you really take a look, you can find beauty everywhere . The blue-grey legs of the moorhens, the different patterns on barks, the tiny little flowers that announce well-desired spring. Beauty is there, the time of your walk, let your eyes wander and be captured by what they see. Dive in your reality and find beauty, it will heal your mind.







Photography Carole Rey

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