Issue 4, Keep It Zen

Dear people, issue 4 is online! Yes!!! Each and every time it is a blessing to be able to meet new people, hear inspiring stories, like the one of Ophélia in this issue, and share all this with you.

In this issue, we take a look at what could help you to relax and ease your mind. It is well known that Eastern ancient philosophy and way of living have helped many people to reconnect with themselves and apprehend the world and society in a more relaxed way. To achieve inner peace and have a calm mind many things are possible and nowadays there are even applications that can help you to transform your busy mind in a zen one. Sara de Abreu tells us more about the benefit of using Headspace and Danielle Bassa, Reiki practician, explains to us what Reiki is. Last but not least in our “Chill Darling”category we take you for a stroll to the always surprising Rotterdam. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy!


Photography Carole Rey

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