Danielle Bassa, Reiki practician

When you have a burn-out there are multiple ways to learn how to deal with it, like to start a dialogue with a psychologist. It is also advised to have a healthy diet and to sport. All wise advises. Nevertheless, the time of a burn-out is generally a time of self-reflection, a time where your body confronts you with your way of living and your way of thinking. For a lot of people it’s the moment that they discover meditation, Yoga or mindfulness and more generally eastern wisdom and way of living.

For this fourth issue we asked Danielle Bassa, a certified Reiki practician in The Netherlands, to tell us more about Reiki and how a session can help heal the mind.


What is Reiki and where does it come from?

Reiki is the Universal Life energy. The power of the Sun, the energy that brings balance by laying hands on someone. It finds its origin at the end of the XIXth century in Japan when thelogian Doctor Mikao Usui searched a way to heal with his hands. After a lot of meditation, fasts and studies of Sanskrit texts , he understood how he could do it. He decided to name the healing method he made the “Reiki method” and it was introduced in The Netherlands in 1984.

-How does a practician work?

The client keeps his clothes on, put his shoes away and lays on the practician table. The most important is that the client feels safe and comfortable. I adjust myself to the Reiki Life energy and put my hands above the body of the client or on his body, it depends on what the client prefers. The client is treated with different Reiki hands position,those positions go from the head to the feet, from front body to back. My hands transmit the universal life energy. Energy channels become free and despite sickness or problems, people will feel less sick, they will feel more positive and that will help to get their quality life better. It is truly a present to give to yourself or to give to someone.


-What happens during a session?

During a session, the balance in the body and the mind that was first blocked is restore. Those blockings can come from different events, repressed emotions, way of thinking or other things that made them appear. During the session, self-awareness is growing and the healing capacity of the body is activated.

-How Reiki can help people with a burn-out?

Reiki is a healing energy that works on different level: body, mind, emotion and spirit. It helps you to relax and it gives you hold again on your life. Step by step you will feel a bit better. Thanks to the Reiki therpay you can achieve a faster recovery. At the beginning, a session per week seems fine, after depending on the client, a session every six or eight weeks can be good to keep the balance. Reiki is good for everybody.

An alternative treatment is always complementary to a treatment from traditional medicine and can not replace it.


-Are there side effects?

It is very important to drink enough water after a session to evacuate “waste”. Most of the time, there are no side effects. Reiki flows to the place where it is most needed, it follows its own path and shall not process more than what the client needs.

-How can people find a good Reiki practician?

It is always good when you got a name from someone who has a fine experience with a practician. Via search engine, you can find a practician. It is important to check if that practician is linked to a practician organisation. And of course, very important, the client has to feel comfortable with the practician he/she chose.


-As Reiki practician, how do you experience a session?

It is really pleasant to be able to give a session and to give the client the experience of relaxation, and give the body peace and calm but also to ease or take away the eventual pain. It is something very relaxing and light to see.

I would like to share with you the Reiki 5 life rules:

-I don’t become mad today

-I don’t worry today

-I am grateful for what I have

-I earn my money honestly

-I have respect for teachers, my parents and elders.

Danielle Bassa is also certified in Integrated Energy Therapy and gives different kind of massage. More info on her site or on a Facebook page


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