The tip that we would like to share with you for this third issue is to smile. As simple as it sounds, just smile. A lot of research has been done on the subject and they all show the positive effect of smiling. Just the movement of your mouth provokes the liberation of special hormones in your brain, hormones we need so badly, the endorphins. Those little cuties make sure that your stress level goes down, that a feeling of happiness fills your body and mind.


Of course, when you had a bad night, when your children want attention and you have zero energy, when you want to be active but your body says no, you do not want to smile. You want to cry, go to bed and tell yourself how miserable you feel. It’s exactly in those moments that you should exercise the power of smiling. Consider it first as an exercise, some kind of homework. Every morning when you wake up, sit on your bed, close your eyes and smile. When you feel exhausted, take a few seconds to smile. When you go to bed, you turn off the light and smile.

At some point, you will feel the positive energy circulate inside of you and it won’t be a homework anymore but just a habit and a way of living.

Don’t give up on you, instead smile and look up.

You are wonderful.



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