Morning Walk

Sleep, walk, rest. Three words that you might have heard many times since you are in a burn-out. Today we take you on a short journey in the Dutch county Brabant. We went to ‘s Hertogenbosch early on a fresh morning of January. We had a walk along the periphery of the old center. Behind us, the bruising city, roads with all kind of vehicles, the typical morning agitation when people go to school, to work, to adventures.


We turned our back and instead focused on the nature in front of us. The warm light of the sun, the joy of a blue sky, the wind in the water, the magnificent old tree that stands no matter what.

Some may see a burn-out as a horrible thing that crashes their path, others see it as an opportunity to connect again with what is essentials and that we tend to forget. Feel the fresh air, enjoy the sun, be in the moment. Wherever you are, find your own special nature path and once, twice, three times a week, go out for a walk and refill yourself along the way.





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