Mascha Mooy from Bye Bye Burnout

When this magazine was founded, we posted about it on a social platform dedicated to creative women. Right away different people reacted and advised us to contact Mascha Mooy from Bye Bye Burnout. The name of the company made us curious but also the enthusiasm that those people had about this woman and what she was doing. This was in 2017, we are now in 2018 and our guess is that there are only a few people in The Netherlands who haven’t heard about Mascha. Mascha is THE specialist when you talk about burnout and enterprises. With courage, creativity and determination she built her own enterprise to help not only employees who are suffering from a burnout but also, and there comes the genius idea, employers. You might think, ok great, but how does she work? Well, Mascha created her own method that includes different kinds of perspective. Often with burnout, you go to the doctor, that doctor sends you to a psychologist and there you are for months, once or twice a week, you talk for 30 minutes and the rest of the week, you try to manage. At Bye Bye Burnout, every angle of a burnout is taken care of, there is a coherent group of different coaches, each specialised in a very specific domain (health, depression, fooding, management, HR, you name it…) that helps employees and employers to go through this tough situation or, even better to prevent it.

It is our pleasure and honour to feature Mascha in this third issue of Good Enough Darling. Despite a very busy agenda, she agreed very kindly to answer our questions.


-What is the common reason why people get a burnout?

They forgot about what sets them on fire. They just go to work and do what they have to do.

-Lots of doctors and psychologists say that it takes about the same amount of time to recover from a burnout as it has taken to grow. Considering this, how can you guarantee that within 100 days, people will be back on track and able to reintegrate workflow?

I don’t guarantee anybody that. My coaches help people in a good way to learn what they should do and don’t do in case of a burnout to recover.

-Do you think it is possible to recover 100% ( no memory loss, velocity in speech, no extra sensibility to noises etc..) to a severe burnout?

No, burnout is something that will hunt you. Balance is an issue for life unfortunately…

-There are more and more light and attention on burnout, do you think it is a XXIe century phenomenon? Or Burnout has always existed but it was not named and treated correctly?

No, it’s something from the last 20 years or so. Mostly the pressure we are in and we don’t want to miss out (younger generation)

-Via your enterprise Bye Bye Burnout, you help employees and employers to prevent and/or to recover from a burn-out. Do you notice in enterprises where you go a change in their perception of what a burn-out is?

Yes absolutely! They are surprised about the costs of one burn-out and the way we help employees. We overdeliver and underpromise!

-In enterprises, where do you generally find the most resilience?

Management because “we have a vitality course so no burn-outs here…”

-With your “Bye Bye Burnout bedrijfs APK” you offer the possibility to evaluate work related stress. Employees have to fill in a questionary. It takes courage and humility to admit that you are dealing with stress and that it affects you. How do you gain the trust of employees that they feel free enough to put on paper how they feel at work?

The results are private and we only discuss them when we ask their permission!

-You work now with SMEs enterprises. Why that choice? It’s a better fit for me as a person. I don’t match with corporate. I am more your down to earth big mouth kinda girl and I DON’T have any patience!!! What is your next step?

More tv and media “optredens” and I would really like to help more Dutch celebrities. They are under a lot of pressure but nobody can know that burn-out is an issue. We are your perfect match! Despite me being your no-nonsens girl ��

-You’ve been through a burnout yourself. What helped you to get out of it?

1000 piece puzzles and watch Married with Children or other easypeasy fun tv shows. Walk every day for ten minutes and get a steady lifestyle. And of course: sleep sleep sleep!!

-What did you learn from yourself thanks to your burnout?

That I am not superwoman and that I have to do what sets my heart on fire!

-You have your own enterprise, you are very active on (social)media and you also have a private life. How do you manage to combine everything?

Honestly, it’s difficult and one of the sacrifices is not having children. We also travel a lot and go scubadiving so that helps. But it’s a stressfull life and I don’t always practice what I preach but it makes me a normal person. Nobody’s perfect!

My motto: Get in line stay in line

-Do you have a motto?

More issues then Vogue!


If you want to know more about Bye Bye Burnout, check their site, they are also active on social media like Facebook page or Instagram account where they regularly post tips.

photo credits @ByeByeBurnout


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