Special tips for partners

In media/social media when an article is dedicated to burn-out, it is either about causes, either about symptoms and sometimes few tips. But what about the invisible person? The one who is living the burn-out without having one. The partner.

It can be really challenging and also frustrating to be that person, to be the spectator of the collapsing of the one you love. So here, some few simple tips to help partners recognise when it’s the moment for them to shut up, give some space and if there are children, to take the children for a walk.

-Here is a check list.

Does your dear one keep saying “I’m tired”


Is your dear one trying to avoid a conversation with you?


Does your dear one become agitated when you turn on the radio/tv?


Does your dear one look at you pissed when you turn over and over your spoon in your coffee/tea mug?


Does your dear one look everything but enthusiast when you are making jokes?


Do the eyes of your dear one look tired? A bit red or shiny inside and half closed?


If you can answer “yes” to at least two of the questions above, it means that unfortunately, you dear one is now exhausted and can’t manage any noises/ activities/conversation. Give him/her a hug and give that person some space, it doesn’t need to be long but at least 20  minutes. Allowing him/her to rest, to be silent when you need to talk about your day or anything else is the best way to show your partner that you care and that you understand. And please, don’t ask him/her 10 times an hour how does he/she feel? Because she/he obviously feels terrible. All what that person needs is calm, space and a lot of love.

Much love to you and don’t give up, there is a day your dear one will shine again!



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