Hello beautiful stranger! Let me introduce myself. My name is Carole Rey and I’m the founder of the Good Enough Darling magazine. In the past I’ve been through a burnout twice and felt pretty alone and powerless. That is the reason why I came with the idea of a feel good and positive magazine to help you go through this difficult moment of your life. This magazine is also meant to be a place where people, like you and I, come to share their experience with burnout.

Thanks to my burnouts, I discovered the relaxing effect of photography and the joy of capturing the beauty in every day life. My photos, that are part of my recovery, can be seen on my personal blog and I’m also delighted to photograph for this magazine.

Photography has helped me tremendously, what is helping you? Feel free to share your story @hello@goodenoughdarling.com or via the contact page .

Much love, Carole




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