Who are you?

-Leyla, 44. I come from Iran and live in The Netherlands since I’m 15. I’m passionate about photography.

When did you understand you were having a burnout?

-I’ve been through a lot of things and traumas in my life. At the age of 19, I became very sick and was completely exhausted, it lasted until I was 23. When I was 24 it started again and I could not go back to work at all.

How do you feel now?

-Not much better, the problem is not solved. I have traumas and I’ve not been helped yet to address them while they play a big role in my burnout.

What helps you to go through your burnout?

-Photography. It has changed my vision of the world, the way I’m looking at things. With my camera in my hand I’m able to do more than without.

Do you have tips to persons who are suffering from a burnout?

-Search for a good therapist

-Walk 5 or 10 minutes every morning

-Do something creative


Leyla has an Instagram account where she regularly posts her street photography, you can find it here, Lela’s photography . Have a look, enjoy and show some support 😉

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