Contemplation Spaces, Room 2402

In a world where every day, people collapse at work or come back home with one sentence in mind “I can’t do it anymore”, it is incredibly rejoicing to see that in the mean time there are people who search and experiment how they could make our environment and everyday life a little bit better. When I say, a little bit better, I mean a little less stressful. This is what Justine Kontou ,curator and art director, did with her conceptRead more

Interview with Tessa Van Olst, physical therapist and coach

Who are you? What do you do? -I am a physical therapist, a lot of people come to me with physical problems. Considering that the connection between emotion, brain and body is very well known by now, I tend to address emotional factors as well in the way I treat people. As a physiotherapist specialized in neurological issues what can you tell us about burnout? -I think burnout itself is a reaction of your body to an overdose and overload ofRead more


Who are you? -Lela, 44. I come from Iran and live in The Netherlands since I’m 15. I’m passionate about photography. When did you understand you were having a burnout? -I’ve been through a lot of things and traumas in my life. At the age of 19, I became very sick and was completely exhausted, it lasted until I was 23. When I was 24 it started again and I could not go back to work at all. How doRead more

Back to basics

There is a place in The Netherlands, not too far from Maastricht where you will find peace and calm. It is a Bed and Breakfast located in an old castle, Castel Baexem, and surrounded by a beautiful garden.  There are no noises except the wind in the trees and the squeaking of the birds. You can go there for an afternoon, stroll in the garden or just sit and enjoy the sun. You can also book a room with a charmingRead more

The Groceries

Watch out! If going to the supermarket is still too much for you, order online; there are a lot of supermarkets that provide this service. Here a short list of one of them in The Netherlands: Eko Plaza, Beter Bio, Ekonoom, Albert HeijnRead more


Hello beautiful stranger! Let me introduce myself. My name is Carole Rey and I’m the founder of the Good Enough Darling magazine. In the past I’ve been through a burnout twice and felt pretty alone and powerless. That is the reason why I came with the idea of a feel good and positive magazine to help you go through this difficult moment of your life. This magazine is also meant to be a place where people, like you and I,Read more